Most of my interactions with Carly have been through her participation in volleyball with my daughter during their junior and senior high school years. I have always admired Carly's contagious enthusiasm for the game and how hard she worked to make herself and her teams better. Off the court, Carly was a sheer joy and always "up' to have fun. Based on my first-hand observations during eight years of watching Carly successfully battle all comers in volleyball, I know that she has what it takes to win this, her most difficult, fight, especially with the wonderful, loving support of her exceptional family and her many friends. To me, Carly is a very special person, one who has enriched my life for just knowing and being around her, and I'm sure anyone who has come in contact with Carly feels the same way as I do.

- Bob Berube

Our family has known the Draudt family for almost ten years. Our daughters met and became friends playing volleyball. I have always been impressed with the positive, kind, loving, gentle manner of Christy and Gary and their daughters, Carly and Brittany. I have witnessed the family's steadfast support and encouragement before Carly's tragic accident and even more in these months that have followed. Their love, compassion, gratitude, desire, spirituality, dedication, and patience have helped to shape Carly's positive disposition and will. The security they have exhibited will continue to strengthen Carly as she now faces many difficult and unknown stages of her lengthy and challenging recovery.

Carly has demonstrated over and over again throughout her life that she is a fighter and a survivor. She has met many challenges successfully. We all know, THIS CHALLENGE WILL BE HER LARGEST CHALLENGE! Please join me and those close to her. We must help give Carly and her family continued strength, support, and the courage to face all that lies ahead. I want Carly and her family to know that there are great numbers of friends and strangers that are praying for Carly and her family. I ask that God's grace and healing continue to touch their lives.

For Carly.....
I want so much to see that sparkle back in your eyes,
that beautiful smile back on your face,
and that desire to live life to the fullest, back in your heart.

Keep strong Carly and never quit trying! I believe in you!

I love you all.
- Sharon Berube

Carly has to be the best friend that anyone could ever have. She has never failed to pick me up when I have been down. My memories of her are endless and filled with smiles and laughter. It’s hard to pick one specific memory that I have of her, because I have so many that I cherish. My favorite thing about her is her strength and her love of life. Carly truly is a beautiful person inside and out, with the most contagious smile I have ever seen. All of the little memories and moments that we have shared together combine to make one huge friendship. I feel blessed to have her as a part of my life.

- Ashley Howe

After high school winter formal Carly and I left early and escaped to her parent’s house. When we got home her mom listened to our stories of our awful dance and then she washed our hair in her Kitchen sink. It was nights like this that made the Draudt’s home an inviting and special place. Christie and Gary’s love for Carly was so evident.

As they face this challenge and go-on day to day their love for Carly is now indescribable. Their strength—remarkable. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Draudt’s lives they have so greatly enriched mine.

- Michelle Rockwood

I was blessed nine years ago when I first met Carly Draudt and her family. Words cannot possibly explain how much the entire Draudt family means to me. Over the years I have learned so much from each of the Draudt's, but most of all from Carly. Carly has taught me what it means to have drive, desire, kindness, values, friendship, and love in my heart. Carly is a fighter. She knows what she wants and she does whatever is necessary to achieve her goals. Carly has impacted my life through her actions. Carly always has a smile on her face and has a positive outlook on life's most difficult situations. I just returned from visiting Carly and I feel as if I am floating on clouds. The amount of kindness and love that Carly exerts is contagious. One cannot help but feel inspired when you leave the Draudt home. The amount of love that Carly has and her desire to live life to the fullest is a lesson for each of us.

Carly, I love you with all of my heart and am blessed to have you in my life. Continue to use your love for life to fight through the tough times. God has blessed each of us through you. I love you!

- Lisa Berube

Imagine that one amazing friend. That individual who’s love is always warm and always accepting. Imagine Earth’s perfection, beautiful in every way, even in her flaws. Imagine a young woman, whose everyday kindness, brought about an unparalleled joy to so many people.

It’s difficult to describe Carly and truly do her justice. She is beautiful. She embodies everything wonderful about the human spirit. I love her so very much, and I am so blessed to call her my friend. She has touched my life, and has warmed my heart. And for that, I am forever in her debt.

Be strong Carly. You mean so much, to so many. Continue this fight, and so will we. You are not alone.
I love you.

- Leslie Bruce

Carly was the type of friend everyone wants in their life. She was the one to make you smile, she was the one to make you laugh. Carly was so well-rounded--from captain of the volleyball team, to Coastal Carolina University's Dean's List, to safaris in Africa--she was always looking for a challenge. At six feet tall, she walked with grace and spoke with kindness. Yet, she always made a point to have her opinion known. Her beauty stopped (and still stops) people in mid-step. She was what everyone should be so lucky to know. Although Carly has made progress, the potential for more is endless. Unfortunately, the funds are not. The world deserves to know Carly, and Carly deserves to know the best care possible. Hope is not lost. Please help us work together to heal our Carly.

- Krystal Fonte

Dear Carly, Christy, Gary and Brittany,

In the few months I have had the privilege to spend time with all of you and watch Carly’s progress, I have been inspired more than words can say. Carly is living proof that miracles do happen, and hard work pays off. I am lucky enough to get weekly visits with Carly, and each time I see her I am amazed at how far she has come. Christy, you are a pillar of strength like I have never seen before. Each day you wake up and start this journey with Carly, helping her every step of the way. Your courage is amazing. Gary, unfortunately I have not gotten to spend as much time with you, but the time I did spend, you greeted me with such a warm smile, I know where your family gets their kindness. Brittany, enjoy college, and have faith in the job your family is doing. I am confident Carly will completely recover. Not a day goes by that I do not think and pray for all of you.

- Vicky Skundric