October 2003

14th: Today Carly was in a Jet Ski accident; one of the first times she has ever ridden one. Her ski hit a sandbar and she was propelled into a nearby tree. Carly has suffered massive head injuries, and after two surgeries has been placed in a drug induced coma. There is nothing for us to do but wait and pray.

28th: The doctors have continually attempted to lessen the coma inducing drugs to wake her up. However, her brain starts to swell as the drugs are taken away.

Finally, today her brain stopped swelling when the drugs were lessened, and Carly is starting to wake from her coma. We have no idea the extent of Carly’s injuries. She might wake up and be fine, we just don’t know.

30th: Carly’s beautiful long curls are gone. The nurse asked if we wanted to keep her hair! We politely refused. There is barely a scratch on Carly’s body, only her head was injured. She lies still most of the day. One of her eyes threatens to open.

November 2003

6th: Today Carly was transferred from intensive care at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center to Waccamaw Rehabilitation Center. While she was being transferred her catheter became blocked and Carly had renal (kidney) failure.

12th: The nurses have started to reduce the size of Carly’s tracheal tube.

17th: Carly is able to open her eyes wider, increasing eye contact and following the nurses around the room with her eyes. She will also hold my hand when I ask her to. I ask….wait….wait and then finally, when I’m about to give up she clenches my hand. Carly’s friends both cheer and cry in celebration with every new movement Carly makes.

21st: Carly’s strength is starting to improve. She held her head up on her own for 5-10 seconds today.

25th: Today Carly was held upright with minimal assistance. She’s improving little by little every day.

December 2003

1st: Carly’s tracheal tube was removed today, revealing what her father affectionately calls her “Badge of Courage,” a scar in the shape of a cross.

10th: To our excitement, Carly demonstrated the ability to read by giving thumbs up or thumbs down to questions she was given on paper.

13th: Carly is trying to walk with the maximum assistance of two therapists.

17th: Carly is much more comfortable now that her catheter was removed today.

20th: We are all so excited to see Carly is writing fairly legibly and able to identify herself and her family.

24th: Carly is starting to verbalize in sentences—a Christmas blessing!

25th: Carly was able to go home for four hours today. It was exhausting for both Carly and us. It was so stressful. However, we were thrilled to get her out.

January 2004

1st: Today Carly had a feeding trial with pureed food.

5th: The doctors say Carly is finally ready to eat real food.

9th: Carly did a great job today! She practiced walking up and down steps with maximum assistance.

12th: Carly was taken to the Myrtle Beach Airport and she practiced getting on and off a plane as part of her physical therapy. She is also demonstrating better head control.

13th: Carly had her first meal today of chocolate pudding!

17th: Welcome home! Carly flew home to California on a commercial flight. She was transferred to St. Jude’s Medical Center where she received a cognitive evaluation.

18th: There was heartbreaking news today. Carly’s insurance will no longer pay for Carly’s rehabilitation.

February 2004

4th: Today Carly was discharged from St. Jude’s as therapy is too expensive. It’s nice, but overwhelming to have her at home.

8th: The hospital gave us a do-it-yourself therapy pamphlet. It lists exercises to do with Carly. They are simple; however, it takes Carly hours to complete them. The hospital also gave us worksheets to do.

19th: Today Carly and I went grocery shopping. She walked with the assistance of the grocery cart. Carly waves at everyone she sees and makes faces at children. She is really happy, however, unaware socially.

25th: Carly’s short term memory is improving slowly. Carly has the most difficulty when remembering peoples names and the past days events. We keep a diary of what we do everyday, and when Carly wakes she must read it and try to remember.

March 2004

15th: I am too exhausted to take care of Carly by myself. We started therapy at St. Jude’s today paying out of pocket, $10,000, despite our inability to afford it. We can only afford 8 weeks.

29th: Carly’s g-tube (feeding tube) was removed.

April 2004

6th: Clint Reed, Carly’s college boyfriend of four years, came to visit Carly. It was so great to see him and so hard to say goodbye.

15th: Carly makes us so proud! She began to walk without her cane today! She is still limping and swinging her left leg as she walks. Carly is still hardly using her left hand; she has to be constantly reminded to try to use it.

May 2004

1st: Carly began limited (financial reasons) Hyper Baric Oxygen Treatments, which is brain therapy that heals the brain by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

7th: Carly’s appetite has greatly increased. She is having better luck swallowing. Movement in her left arm is still limited but it’s improving.

9th: Coastal Carolina University held their graduation commencement ceremony today. Clint graduated along with Carly’s other classmates and friends. Carly would have graduated today.

12th: Clint has come to see Carly. He will stay for four days so I can see Brittany at Ohio State. I really need this rest and I am so grateful to get to spend time with Brittany.

14th: Tonight Carly spent the night away from home for the first time since the accident. She stayed at a high school friend’s home and came back early afternoon the next day.

17th: May 17th: Clint went home to Australia today; it was a heartbreaking scene at the airport.

June 2004

1st: Carly starts therapy at Mission Hospital, half a day, three days a week. She goes to outpatient for speech, occupational and physical therapy.

11th: Carly's sister Brittany Marie arrives home from The Ohio State University. Carly is so happy to see her sister again.

14th: Carly starts accupuncture treatments. She's such a trooper!

19th: Carly is excited to go to Michelle Davis' graduation party. Michelle was one of Carly's team-mates at both Santa Margarita Catholic and Laguna Beach Club. She comments she wishes it was her graduation party too!

22nd: She has her first Neuropshchology appointment. Carly really likes the doctor.

25th: Big surpsise for Carly...Clint, her long-time boyfriend and the love of her life, comes for a brief 4-hour visit at the airport, from Australia. Clint is on his way to Canada for Kaite and Mihai Radikanu's wedding.

27th: Clint Robert Reed {as Carly calls him} comes back for a 4-day stay on his way back to Australia. Wishes he could stay longer but needs to get back to his position on the Sidney Razorbacks, a professional basketball team. Clint will be back after his season ends in April.

July 2004

6th: Carly continues her hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments about 4 times a week.

11th: Kayte Fogal's Bridal Luncheon. Carly is Kayte's Maid of Honor for her wedding in August.

16th: Carly starts DPMS therapy. This is a muscle stimulation therapy sequence to strengthen her swallowing and speech.

18th: Carly's volleyball coach from Coastal Carolina University, Coach Kristen Bauer and her husband Kevin come to visit for a few days. Carly is absolutely thrilled!

25th: Carly's assistant coach, Doneva Bays from Coastal comes to visit. For Carly, this is all too good to be true!

August 2004

2nd: Carly starts horse therapy riding. The gait of certain horses helps to learn to walk properly.

7th: Kayte's wedding to Ross Anderson. It was a wonderful blessing to see our Princess Carly actually walk down the isle by herself to celebrate this special event, as the most beautiful Maid of Honor ever!

8th: Carly's birthday beach raffle party. It was a huge success, Carly loved calling out the winners. She said she wished everyone could win.

19th: Carly, Christy and Brittany fly to Colorado to visit Christy's parents and have some much needed rest in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

30th: Carly starts at Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program. This is a nationally known school that helps to teach people with acquired brain injuries to settle into their new lives. This is a two year program that includes: goal setting, counseling, neuroeducational assessment and job training and placement assistance. Hopefully, this program will help Carly re-learn the skills that will enable her to get back to Cioastal Carolina and complete her senior year, she was so close to graduation!

October 2004

Oct 2- Carly is doing her hypo or horse therapy every Saturday at The Shea Center. It helps her remember the regular walking gate by feeling the horse walk.

Oct 5- She does her physical therapy at Mission hospital with occasional visits at our house by a physical therapist.

Oct 11- Carly is seeing a chiropractor who is stretching and doing cranial sacral therapy.

Oct 14- Carly's 1st anniversary of her accident. We had a celebration party to thank about 60 people who have helped so much with Carly's website and fundraiser.

November 2004

Nov 7- Carly had a fundraiser put on by Bob Ooosdyke owner of Reniu Spa in Dana Point. It was a great success and we are so thankful to Bob and his staff at Reniu.

Nov 11- Carly's conference at Coastline Community College Aquired Brain Injury Program. She is doing well there but still complains that she can't believe she doesn't get any college credit for it!

Nov 21- Our whole family returns to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Thanksgiving. We visited Dr.'s, therapists, nurses, EMTs, and many friends, coaches, and teachers. It was wonderful to have them see how far Carly has come and thank them for all their help.

December 2004

Dec 2- Carly is still going as much as possible to her hyperbaric oxygen treatments. She goes about 2-3 times a week.

Dec 6- Carly has started speech therapy twice a week to improve on her cognitive abilities as well as her actual peech. It is a slow process but we will get there.

Dec 16- Carly's last day of school at Coastline untill Jaunary 31st. We are continuing our therapies elsewhere and at home for the holiday season.

Dec 25- Carly's whole family including her parents, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins were all together at home in Dove Canyon to celebrate Christmas and how much we have to be thankful for.

Jan/Feb 2005

Carly continues to attend Coastline Community College where she is doing very well. Her goal is to return to Coastal Carolina University and finish her degree where she has just 25 hours remaining. We would like Carly to complete one more year at Coastline but she is determined to return to South Carolina to complete her degree this September. If you know Carly, you know the level of her determination!

Carly continues Physical Therapy several times a week, with continued progress being made on her left side.

Speech Therapy continues twice a week, with extremely encouraging results. Carly memory is improving, she loves math and her speech has improved slowly but measurably.

Carly enjoys spending time with her Neuropsychologist who has gained her confidence and gives her someone to share her thoughts and dreams with.

Horseback Riding Therapy each Saturday continues to be a therapy Carly really enjoys. A horses gait is very similar to a human gait and thus enables Carly to feel proper gait.

Carly received botox shots in her left calf to help relax her muscle that is hampering her walking due to its spasticity. We're pushing really hard to take advantage of the window of opportunity the botox provides.

Carly wants to drive again, so with that in mind we have scheduled her for a special needs driving analysis at St Judes Hospital. We'll keep you posted!

Carly and her mom are taking Pilates together and seem to enjoy a non-therapy setting and the special time working on something together. Pilates has Carly determined to walk normally again and dreaming of running in the future, something she really enjoyed prior to her injury.

Carly wanted me to share that she feels so blessed to be alive and to be recovering and that she thanks God each day for her life, family and friends.